"…We are very pleased with the ATM from Financial Systems & Equipment….We have never had any problems and it has been very user friendly."

Tammie Pennel
Green Country Insurance


"…Since FS&E started servicing our capture machines, I have been more that pleased with the service I have received. I have never once experienced bad customer service from anyone at FS&E; this includes sales AND service. I’d give FS&E five stars for friendliness, professionalism, promptness, knowledge of the products, and dedication to customers. They truly put customer’s first."

Shawna Page, Software Administrator
Liberty Bank


"…FS&E has always gone above and beyond for us whether it’s a general question, an estimate, a supply order or a service call…They have responded timely to all service calls and appreciate them always following up on any issue we’ve had."

Kelley Miller, Operations Manager
Kansas Teacher Community Credit Union


"Thoele, Inc. has been doing business with FS&E for many years. We have always been pleased with the products that we have purchased and also the service."

Linda Bianchi, VP
Thoele, Inc.


"Our call to your service department was placed shortly before the weekend and too late for an on-site call.  Your service tech helped us get the machine operational over the phone. The following week another tech from your company was able to complete the repair. Your staff is efficient and professional. Thank you for a job well done!"

Kellie Martinez, Teller
Farmers State Bank


"GoldTracks is a real asset to our bank. Our staff members now have documents at their fingertips, which in turn allows us to more efficiently serve our customers. We’ve received only positive feedback from our staff and that makes us satisfied that we chose this system."

Marilyn Mathews, Compliance Officer
Bank of Crocker


"We’ve upgraded our technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers. The constant growth that we’ve experienced has resulted in our decision to restructure our loan department to increase efficiencies. While considering several other technology solutions, we selected GoldTracks because of FS&E’s commitment to doing its best to address our requests."

Paul Newman, Vice President
Citizens Bank


"GoldTracks has a direct impact on the efficiency of our sales force and the customer experience. It enables us to be more responsive in evaluating customer requests. We don’t have to wait for paper files to be shipped from point A to point B. Additionally, we can access information quickly through GoldTracks. It allows multiple individuals to look at the same information simultaneously and work collaboratively in a real time environment."

Chris Tietz, Senior VP and Chief Credit Officer
Monroe Bank


"In our search for our first document management system, we sought to find a system that had been proven to work effectively in other banks. Our goal was to implement an efficient solution that maximizes convenience, retention and storage for our loan department. And after careful consideration and review of recommendations from other financial institutions using the solution, we felt GoldTracks would meet the needs of our bank."

Shelagh B. Marzett, VP/Senior Compliance Officer 
Bank of the Southwest


"We considered other products similar to GoldTracks, but we found the unique tracking program within the document management system to be a deciding factor. This feature sparked interest among our officers and made the product stand out above other systems. We also had a lot of paper loan documents that we accumulated over the course of several years. As a result, we wanted a document imaging system that could provide easy electronic accessibility to documents and decrease research time."

Eddie Fikes, Vice President of IT
First National Bank of Hamilton


"The biggest factor was how user friendly and convenient it was. GoldTracks is much more than a document imaging system, which gives us a great deal of flexibility. As we’ve been working on the installation, I’ve had so many requests from our staff members. People really do like to use the system and the nice thing is that our employees are finding ways to make their jobs easier and giving us recommendations on how to make internal processes work better with the system. And the keys to all of this have been the capabilities of this innovative software and the willingness of FS&E to work with us in tailoring everything to fit our needs. From a loan perspective, it’s probably empowered our employees to be more effective at their jobs. I believe that because the employees can get information better and quicker, they’re actually being more thorough in their processes. This means that GoldTracks is not only helping Monroe Bank to be a better financial institution, but it’s helping each of our staff members to be better employees."

Jerry Stewart, VP, Senior Loan Operations Officer
Monroe Bank


"We appreciate the personal attention that IBT devotes to its customers. Some of the larger vendors just
treat customers as a number; however, the strong partnership between IBT and FS&E has enabled us to
enjoy excellent service. The two companies truly understand community financial institutions and worked
with us to determine the best solution to meet our goals."


Brice Feldt, Senior Vice President
Information Technology at Silver Lake Bank