Nautilus Hyosung NH-1800 SE

The New NH-1800SE the retail setting’s value leader performs better, is more secure and provides the uncompromised quality and reliability you expect from industry leader Nautilus Hyosung.

NH-1800, a product of Nautilus Hyosung’s ATM technology acquired from years of experience in the 
retail industry, is engineered to provide outstanding reliability at an affordable price.
Unit arrangement, voice guidance system, and transaction guidance indicator offers comfortable
accessibility to all customers. Furthermore highly visible topper makes it easy for customers to spot
the ATM.

State of the art technology acquired through our experience in the US retail industry ensures speedy & accurate transactions. Features such as UL291 business hour safe, VISA/PCI EPP certified and verified software make NH-1800 a leader in ATM security. 

Equipped with a wide variety of cash dispensing units, NH-1800 series not only can fill up to 4,000 notes but also gives a choice of price range for the customers. In addition, the display and the safe specification can be customized as an option. 

Small foot print and ergonomic design allows NH-1800 to be installed in virtually anywhere and the function keys with 7” wide display and voice guidance system complies with ADA regulations. NH-1800 is simply the ultimate ATM solution in the off-premise industry.

Faster Processor
The enhanced CPU, along with upgraded software, improves transaction speeds, enhancing the customer experience. 

Added Security
The UL Business Hour Safe has been updated with a more robust locking mechanism, increasing its durability. 

Capacity to handle up to 4,000 Notes
The upgraded cash dispensing unit provides a variety of cash-dispensing configurations, with a capacity of up to 4,000 notes. 

The Improved and Upgraded NH-1800 SE Offers Greater Functionality and Operation.


Full Specs