Shear Tech MJ-1000 Automatic check jogger

Shear Tech MJ-1000 Automatic Check Jogger, Jogging Tray Holds Up to 250 Checks, Very Small Size (2.8' (W), 6.4' (H), 7.4' (D), One-Touch, Automatic, Timer Controlled Operation, Automatic or Manual Control of Jogging Time (MJ1000 MJ 1000 MJ-100 MJ100)



  Efficient and Reliable. Takes less than 8 seconds to reliably jog a batch of checks.

  Quiet operation. Noise level is less than 53 dBA.
  Jogging tray capacity - up to 250 checks.
  Very small size (2.8" (W), 6.4" (H), 7.4" (D).
  One-touch, automatic, timer controlled operation.
  Automatic or manual control of jogging time.


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