Pertech 5351


Inkjet Banking Transaction Printer


Pertech's New 5351 Series Printer are the result of years of research and experience building state-of-the-art printers for the banking, retail and POS industries. A 4th generation product ideal for any printing application requiring customer receipts or printing on an inserted form, these printers are a cost effective solution to any banking, bill payment or convenience application need.

Low Total Cost of Ownership combined with the 5351's extensive list of features delivers a cost effective transaction solution that is at the top of its class.

Pertech offers a broad range of rugged, high performance printing solutions with unparalleled flexibility at a truly low price.


Standard Features

  • USB & RS232 Interfaces
  • Full Width Independent Form Validation Capability Of Up To 14 Printed Lines
  • LEDs That Indicate Modes Of Operation, Paper Situation, Ink Conditions, And Printer Status
  • Ram & Flash User Storage For Graphics, Fonts, Macros, & Raw User Data
  • Seven Compatibility Modes
  • One Button Configuration
  • Adjustable Document Stop
  • Two Cash Drawer Capability
  • A Semi-Automatic Self-Loading Paper Feed Mechanism

Full Specs