Digital Check TellerScan TS230

The TS230 family of scanners is available in three speeds, 35, 65, and 100 dpm. The TS230-35 and TS230-65 are field up-gradable to the faster speeds.

The TS230, with DCC's unique continuous feed feature, allows checks to be added while scanning - for higher throughput and more volume than traditional scanners.

TS230 is ideal for small business remote deposit capture, teller window capture, the commercial window of banks, the back counter of small branches, or for corporate capture.

The TS230's quiet operation is ideal teller operation or treasury office activities. With just 5" x 8 1/2" of desktop or counter space, TS230-100 has the smallest footprint in the industry. The short U shaped transport path with separate front and rear scan heads provides smooth operation for optimal feeding and high reliability. Exit pocket tabs and sensor keep batches of checks in order, including personal and business checks.

A self-adjusting, jam resistant feeder combined with a double feed infrared sensor protects against piggybacked or missed items. The transport can even process thick checks such as 'rebate' check cards sent through the mail as postcards. A sophisticated double feed detection system analyzes suspect items in real time, avoiding false double feeds due to the 'thickness' of these card-style checks while insuring that only rare 'real' double feeds are caught.




High-performance model with unique, continuous feeder and high-duty cycles: up to 100 items/minute
Extremely quiet operation 
Ergonomic design built upon highly reliable TS 220E platform and smallest footprint in the industry - 5" x 8 1/2" of desktop or counter space
Improved Best Read® MICR for maximum MICR accuracy
Easy integration – common API and remote support
Programmable upstream endorsement for Check 21 image exchange


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