The EN-5400 is a small table-top Exception Item check MICR encoder - fast, flexible, fully keyboard-programmable MICR encoder specially designed for exception item encoding.

•  High speed (48 char/sec), high quality MICR printing
•  Designed for heavy duty processing
•  Extremely flexible, easy to use exception item program
•  Up to 34 keyboard programmable exception item fields
•  Up to 10 fully customizable CDV/CDG formulas
•  Two easily selectable sets of configuration programs
•  Calculator mode (can present information in three formats)
•  RS232 communication port for firmware upgrades and featured PC based applications
•  Can hold and execute on demand up to four application programs
•  Shear Tech "Configuration Backup" PC based program allows to backup/restore entire configuration
•  Detachable stacker



12.25"(W)x 12 "(D) x 6"(H)

Weight:  17 lbs.
Power:  115/220 VAC, 5/2.5 A



Full Specs