The EN-5800E is a small table-top, high speed, heavy duty MICR encoding station with integrated auto feeder designed for Batch, Proof of Deposit (POD) and Exception Item check processing. This version also has an integrated inkjet endorser.

•  Integrated auto feeder.
•  High speed (48 char/sec), high quality MICR printing.
•  Designed for high volume processing.
•  Easy to program.
•  Detachable stacker.
•  Flash Card - Allows saving of programs.
•  RS232 communication port.
•  Standard batch program included.
•  Standard Proof of Deposit (P.O.D.) program included.
•  Standard Exception Item program included.
•  Journal printer - 24 column dot matrix.
•  Endorser - Ink jet, dot matrix.
•  Keyboard programmable endorser.
•  50 Selectable endorse lines.
•  Endorser ink jet colors: Black, Red.


Dimensions:  15.7"(W)x 14 "(D) x 6.7 "(H)
Weight:  28 lbs.
Power:  115/220 VAC



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