SHARP BE-2510 AND BE-2510L

One line print validation which includes date, teller number, transaction number, transaction type, bank initials, and amount. This validation is printed on each document passed through the printer. You will know what operator performed each specific transaction, and whether or not the transaction was done correctly. Should an operator be out of balance you will be able to determine which transaction was done incorrectly.


Cash In Drawer
Tellers will have access to their current cash in drawer with the touch of a button. In addition a preset warning can be set, if exceeded the unit will display a warning indicator. This feature will not prevent continued operation, but will make the teller aware that they have exceeded their cash in drawer limit.


Transaction Totals
Eight department totals, will allow tracking of virtually all transactions. For example, you may want to track, Checking Deposits, Savings Deposits, Cash Ins, Cash Outs, Cash Checks, Payments, Miscellaneous items, and your beginning cash. The Grand Totals report will then provide you with the total number of transactions done on each validation key and give you the total dollar amount for each transaction key.