About Us

Mission Statement
Financial Systems & Equipment is committed to financial institutions and their success. Established in 1981, Financial Systems & Equipment delivers technology that facilitates business processes through Electronic Management of Image Delivery, Workflow and Regulatory Compliance to insure successful business development.


Financial Systems & Equipment Inc. is a multi-faceted consulting, marketing, and service organization formed in 1981.  A privately held company, it has traditionally accommodated the widest possible choice of financial hardware and software products.

Over the years, FS&E has successfully built a proven track record with a large installed customer base of teller systems, item processing systems, loan quotation systems, imaging systems, and a network of over 800 financial clients.

FS&E focuses both on front-office and back-room applications by embracing a wide variety of products: teller systems, loan document management systems, item processing systems and image processing solutions.  Its business approach ranges from design and consultation to financing, hardware/software acquisition, evaluation of expertise, installation and system implementation, personnel training, and ongoing service and support.

The company's financial plan emphasizes incremental and controlled growth and a steady expansion of its staff.  1992 marked the company's expansion into the eight-state area surrounding Kansas and Missouri. In 1995 the company expanded its reach again into an additional 10 states with a corresponding expansion of its product and service lines.

The new millennium has brought increasingly demanding changes to the financial marketplace and FS&E has the solutions and high level of service required to meet and help institutions adapt to these changes. Our compliance driven systems such as Image Teller, Check Imaging, and Document Image/Management software are superior in the industry.

The 2005 acquisition of Banking Equipment Service added new technology and expertise to the organization.  In 2011, the company relocated its main offices to Springfield, Missouri.