GoldTracks™ gives you complete control over all loan documents, both paper and electronic, used throughout an organization, from origination through processing, underwriting, servicing, archiving and eventual destruction . Bringing together document management and records management, GoldTracks™ offers a complete package to manage the document life cycle according to best business practices. Manage valuable information with GoldTracks™ using document retrieval, automated workflow with document routing and reporting .

Why do I need GoldTracks™?

Information is the life blood of any business. The ability to quickly locate and use information determines how productive and successful a workgroup will be. But the information we use today comes in many forms: faxes, e-mail, PC files, host computer databases, digital images, and of course, paper documents. This creates a real challenge for those responsible for managing the documents used by an organization. Employees need quick access to all information relevant to their tasks, regardless of the medium it is stored on.

Only GoldTracks™ provides a single records management system that accommodates all forms of documents, including paper, and makes them accessible to users through one easy-to-use interface. GoldTracks™ seamless integration of document types lets users find information quickly, often without even knowing what medium is used to store the document.


GoldTracks™ Technologies
•  Loan Document Imaging
•  Loan File Tracking
•  MS Office Support
•  PC File Management
•  Automated Loan Workflow
•  Loan Document Routing and Reporting
•  Document Publishing
•  Versioning
•  Audit Trail
•  Web Access to Loan Document Information
•  Loan File Requesting
•  Deficiency Tracking
•  Retention Management
•  Color Coded File Labeling
GoldTracks™ Management Reports
•  Processing History Report
•  Pipeline Report
•  Critical due dates Report
•  Loan Status Reports
•  Loan Officer Reports
•  Forecast Loan Activity Report
•  Retention Reports
•  Missing Documents Report
•  Productivity Report
•  File History Report
•  Compliance Report
•  Requestor Exceptions Report
•  Audit Reports