This customer ID system is a 32-bit PC-based capture and retrieval application that operates in a stand-alone or network configuration. It provides the capability to capture any document using a flatbed or automatic feed twain compatible scanner. Signature cards, drivers licenses, new accounts forms, safe deposit box forms, and other documents can be safely stored. Easy retrieval of the document for viewing and verification allows the system to be implemented on an institution-wide basis providing positive customer identification. GoldImage™ seamlessly interfaces with NSO's teller automation software facilitating the automatic display of customer information at the teller window.

•  Unlimited support of locations, users, accounts, signatures and messages
•  Multiple forms of identification (photo, signatures, etc.)
•  Full or partial document capture


Included Features
•  Institution wide usage
•  Back office usage
•  Unlimited locations
•  Unlimited internal users
•  Unlimited signatures per account
•  Unlimited messages per account/signer
•  Database management software
•  Signature Inquiry
•  Maintenance
•  Display indexing
•  Real time update
•  Operator/ID password security
•  LAN/WAN support
•  Twain scanner compatibility
•  Hot key access