A revolutionary staff scheduling program that cuts costs.

Are you interested in increased productivity? Shorter customer waiting times? Higher levels of customer satisfaction? Lower operating costs? Staff Pro™, a dynamic scheduling program and staffing plan organizer, can help you accomplish these goals and more. The one-time setup process is amazingly quick and easy. And once accomplished, generating cost-effective schedules is a snap.

Efficient staffing results in higher productivity, shorter lines, more time for cross-selling bank products, and increased customer satisfaction.

StaffPro™ can serve as a decision making partner for retail branch managers.

Predict your future staffing needs. Determine the hours of operation, holidays, and circumstances when greater-than-average customer volume is expected. StaffPro™ produces cost-efficient daily and weekly work schedules divided into half-hour increments. Taking the guesswork out of scheduling gives you the maximum available staffing for the minimum of payroll dollars.

With StaffPro™ you can:
•  Customize and edit suggested staffing plans to accommodate holidays, paydays, and special circumstances.
•  Test different scenarios to see the impact of changing staffing levels.
•  Obtain assistance in planning through a wide variety of management reports and graphs.





StaffPro™ seamlessly imports data from our teller automation software to effectively predict teller-staffing requirements based on transaction history. Accuracy is assured by measuring the duration as well as the volume of transactions.