Welcome to the next generation of teller platform. Imagine processing a transaction with single key stroke!

Run Fraud Detection, Positive Pay, CAR/LAR, and Signature Verification automatically at point of presentment!

Integrated Image Teller will automatically take a photograph of your customer as they approach the teller window and store this photo with the transaction.

Balancing to G/L each day? With Integrated Image Teller the teller balance is the G/L balance. The only possible way to be out of balance is if you gave out or took in more cash than you reported.

Product Features

  • Color Scanning of Items
  • CAR/LAR Verification
  • Fraud Filtering
  • On-Us Signature Verification
  • Virtual Ticket Creation
  • Speed Transaction
  • Speed Balancing
  • Drawer Selection
  • Photo ID Verification
  • ID Scanning
  • Photo Scanning
  • Automatic G/L Balancing
  • Laser Check Production
  • BSA
  • Fin/Cen 104 Aggregation